Relationship-Based Professional Development

Relationship-based professional development (RBPD) is defined as using professional relationships as a primary method to support the growth and development of adult learners. This approach uses a cycle of inquiry to facilitate the adult-learning process by taking individuals through steps of goal setting, observation, assessment, action planning, reflection and feedback.

Relationship-Based Professional Development Standards

Relationship-based Professional Development Standards describe the foundational knowledge and skills that all relationship-based professionals must have in order to apply reflective, relationship-based strategies to job-related improvements. The standards highlight the specialized expertise that is necessary to do this work, and will be used to create preparation pathways to grow the workforce.

This revised version of the RBPD standards includes:

  • Comprehensive standards and competencies
  • Levelled progressions for each standard
  • New anti-bias standard
  • List of resources to support professional development
  • Self-assessment tool for practitioners 
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The RBPD Standards is a living document, and will be periodically revisited. We welcome your feedback on how to improve this resource. Email