Request for Certificate of Parental Improvement (CPI)

Mailing Address
DCYF must use the criteria outlined in RCW 74.13.720(4) to determine if you are eligible to request a CPI. You are not eligible for a CPI if any of the following apply:
  • It has been fewer than five years since you had a founded finding of child abuse or neglect
  • You were previously denied a CPI in the last two years
  • You were the subject of a founded finding of child abuse or neglect after receiving a CPI
  • You have a founded finding for sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or physical abuse that involved cutting, burning, interfering with a child’s breathing, shaking a child under age 3, or threatening a child with a deadly weapon
  • You have a conviction or pending criminal investigation, or any out-of-state, federal or state conviction for a felony offense that is comparable to:
    • Any felony offense involving the physical neglect of a child under Chapter 9A.42 RCW
    • Any felony offense under Chapter 9A.32 RCW or Chapter 9A.36 RCW involving a physical injury or death of a child
    • Any felony domestic violence offense committed against a family or household member as defined in Chapter 10.99 RCW
    • A felony offense against a child under Chapter 9.68A RCW
    • Any of the following felony offenses: 
      • Any felony defined under any law as a class A felony or an attempt to commit a class A felony 
      • Criminal solicitation of or criminal conspiracy to commit a class A felony 
      • Manslaughter in the first or second degree
      • Indecent liberties
      • Kidnapping in the second degree
      • Arson in the second degree
      • Extortion in the first degree
      • Robbery in the second degree
      • Drive-by shooting
      • Vehicular homicide

Please contact DCYF at or 1-800-998-3898, option 8, if you are unsure about your eligibility or have questions.

DCYF shall issue a CPI if, on a more probable than not basis, you have the character, suitability, and competence to care for children, youth or vulnerable persons and meet the other requirements in RCW 74.13.720. A statement and any documentation that shows how your behavior has changed since the finding of child abuse or neglect will assist this assessment and may include, but not limited to:

  • Recent assessments or evaluations
  • Completion or progress toward completion of recommended court-ordered treatment, services, or programs
  • Personal and professional references from employers, professionals, and agencies familiar with your current character
  • Any education, volunteer work, employment history, or community involvement
  • Other information that indicates changed behavior or rehabilitation

Please provide your statement below or send your statement and any other documentation to or PO Box 40993, Olympia, WA 98504. Be sure to include your full name on any documents you send separately.